Month: October 2013

An attractive solution.

Do you have a steel entryway door with windows that just begs for a curtain?  Do you have an old cast iron bathroom sink that needs a little dressing up?  What to do?  You don’t want to drill into the door because that would void the warranty. You’ve tried sticky hook and loop fasteners and they just want to peel off.  What’s the answer?  Magnets!  These are a wonderful way to get the look you want and need without damage or frustration.   

Magnets come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.  I order my magnets from K & J Magnetics, Inc.  A hole can be drilled in a board and the magnets inserted.  The board can then be covered with lining and a valance constructed and applied to the board.  The board will then adhere to the steel door, again without damaging or voiding the warranty on the door.

For a sink skirt, magnets can be placed in pockets sewn to the top of the skirt and then placed on the underside/inside of the sink.  No fuss, no mess.

However, a word of caution is advisable.  Magnets can be extremely strong.  Keep your fingers out of the way when putting them in place and as always keep them away from children.

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