Month: November 2014

Semi Custom

You really want new drapes or curtains but your budget just won’t allow for custom made.  So what can you do?  Semi custom.

What do I mean by “semi- custom”?   Consider using “ready mades” as a base and altering them to fit your needs and wants.  It might be as simple as hemming or maybe a bit more complicated such as adding grommets or pinch pleats, or even something in between, like adding trim or banding.  One of the key things to remember when doing so is to purchase the longest panels you possibly can.  This gives your workroom something to work with.  When it comes to hems, most custom made drapes use a double 4 inch hem which lends weight and beauty.  Ready mades do not. They use the least amount of fabric they possibly can to save on costs.  Also, ready mades are not worried about matching patterns between panels  and are often not cut or sewn on the straight grain of the fabric which can cause them to hang crooked.  Purchasing the longest panels possible will allow for some corrections to be made.  So with a little imagination and the help of your local workroom you too can have the lovely window treatments you deserve.



                                                                                                                                                                                       Example of ready made draperies with a new header of grommets.