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A New Home for Us

A New Home for Us

Judith Carol Ellis has moved and changed. Our business name is now JCESEWS4U and is located in beautiful northeast Alabama in the town of Guntersville. We are about 45 minutes south of Huntsville and 1.25 hours northeast of Birmingham.
Does your patio furniture need a face lift? Are the cushions on your sailboat feeling their age? See us about reviving them and bringing new verve to your surroundings. We are still using our Florida telephone number, 727.804.2368 or you can contact me at Looking forward to working with you soon!

Family Treasures


We all have them. They take up a little space but we still hang on to them. What are they? Little mementos of family and friends: old hankies, t shirts, or even ties. What to do with them? Why not try making them into pillows. I recently had a client with just such a project. She had lovely old hankies from her parents and in-laws. So, we  appliqued some of them onto pillow shams and turned others into pillows themselves.  They came out lovely looking and made a sweet statement to love and remembrance .  Shall we give your’s a go?

The Year Ends

My new living room draperies!
My new living room draperies!

December is a  busy month for most.  The year is winding down, hurrying to it’s end and wanting to start anew.  So when you have a few spare moments take a look around your home and see what else maybe “winding down”.  Could the cushions or pillows on your sofa need a new beginning?  Are your windows looking a bit down?

I took a good look at my own home a while back and decided it was time.  Things were  looking a bit droopy. The drapes over our bay window had been a practice job too many years before;  the sofa was my first practice slipcover as well.  I didn’t  want my home, to which my friends and clients come  having the “shoemaker’s syndrome”.   And what better way to create confidence in my abilities and inspire others, than to do my own living space?  Thus begins a makeover. Stay tuned.

An attractive solution.

Do you have a steel entryway door with windows that just begs for a curtain?  Do you have an old cast iron bathroom sink that needs a little dressing up?  What to do?  You don’t want to drill into the door because that would void the warranty. You’ve tried sticky hook and loop fasteners and they just want to peel off.  What’s the answer?  Magnets!  These are a wonderful way to get the look you want and need without damage or frustration.   

Magnets come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.  I order my magnets from K & J Magnetics, Inc.  A hole can be drilled in a board and the magnets inserted.  The board can then be covered with lining and a valance constructed and applied to the board.  The board will then adhere to the steel door, again without damaging or voiding the warranty on the door.

For a sink skirt, magnets can be placed in pockets sewn to the top of the skirt and then placed on the underside/inside of the sink.  No fuss, no mess.

However, a word of caution is advisable.  Magnets can be extremely strong.  Keep your fingers out of the way when putting them in place and as always keep them away from children.

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Home Decorating Trunk Show

Join me at Jay’s Fabric Center in S. Pasadena, Fl on Thursday, September 26 at either 10 am or 2 pm for a Home Decorating Trunk Show!  I hope you will be inspired by my selection of slipcovers, pillows and window treatments.  Now is the time to invest in the beauty and function of your home.

$5.o0 reserves your seat and gets you a gift as well!  

Call or stop by:   

Jay’s Fabric Center,  801 Pasadena Avenue S., St. Petersburg, FL or call 727-381-6600 for more details.